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Assignments have launched Mendenhall from the Los Angeles Coliseum to the Roman Coliseum, from Chicago to Mexico, from Kona to Quebec, from Bozeman to Bogota and from Bean Blossom, Indiana to Beijing, China.

Mendenhall has had the privilege to work with more than 300 of the country's best visual journalists while he was a staff photographer and/or editor at more than half a dozen major news media and freelance photographer for corporate and editorial.

He’s been published in more than 100 magazines including Time, Life, California, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, Newsweek, People, German Geo, Sports Illustrated, Popular Photography,  American Photographer, World, Focus on the Family, Brio and TV Serien-Hits. He has worked as the photographer of record during the development and opening for two premier museums in Southern CA and the city Beverly Hills (CA) Diamond Jubliee Anniversary.

Mendenhall's work is published in more than a dozen countries, seven languages, and in nearly 50 books including many college level science texts, Day in the Life of China, Day in the Life of Italy, Day in the Life of California, Jews in America, Baseball in America, One Earth, and The Family of Women. Many of these book projects were by invitation only. The DITLO China publishers invited only 60 photographers from outside of China.

He has photographed: the Stanley Cup finals; World Series; Super Bowls; NBA Finals; NCAA Finals; Indianapolis 500s; Kentucky Derbies; a World Three-Day Horse Event and riots in Louisville, Miami and Los Angeles. He has worked at some of the best newspapers in the U.S. when he was on staff. Among them are The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times and The Courier-Journal (Louisville), San-Jose Mercury News and The Orange County (CA) Register. Mendenhall is included in the Los Angeles Times metro staff Pulitzer Prize coverage of the Rodney King riots in 1991. Two of his firestorm photographs are included in the 1994 World Press Photo Yearbook including one on the title page. Those two pictures were part of a museum tour in 39 countries. Other images have been exhibited in a more than a dozen museums in the United States.

He has lectured at universities and professional photographer's organizations. He has  judged local, state, regional and national photo competitions for organizations ranging from National Press Photographers Association, American Society of Media Photographers, Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles, Kentucky Press Photographer of the Year and the oldest photography club in the United States: The Photographic Society Academy of Arts and Science of Pittsburgh. He was twice elected to the National Press Photographers Association Board of Directors in his mid twenties.

Partial list of clients:

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce 
Focus on the Family
Hallmark, Zoobilee Zoo television series produced by WQED in Los Angeles
Harper Collins
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Major League Baseball 
Marriott Hotels
Mazda USA
American Museum of Natural History, New York 
National Football League 
National Geographic Society 
New York Yankees
North American Missions Board
Promise Keepers  
Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace  
Siemens AG
Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles 
United States Chamber of Commerce 
Universal Studios Hollywood 
Wallace Foundation
World Vision

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