Architectural Art in Pittsburgh Open Editions

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February 9, 2014 View of Pittsburgh, PA, USA from Grandview Ave. on Mt. Washington.  Pittsburgh Baptist Church (in Dormont neighborhood) 3100 Pioneer Ave.  Copyright Genesis/ 2014. for the North American Mission Board, NAMB. Assigned through Gary Fong at Genesis. Images of a couple overlooking Downtown Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington are Adam Sewell and his wife of three years, Ashley Sewell. They came to Pittsburgh with the intention of planting a church.  The river in the middle ground is the Monongahela River which forks (not visible) at the left side on "the Point" with the Allegheny River (not visible) to form the Ohio River (not visible but just outside the frame on the left. The building in the Downtown with the faceted exterior and several raised triangles is the PPG Building (Pittsburgh Plate Glass.)  The building with the entire top at a pyramid blond stone, visible in some frames, is Fifth Avenue Place.