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copyright 2013 May 6, 2013  Along the Way. flash and time exposure combined with camera movement in some and wind in others create an impressionist display. Exposures from one-half second at iso 6400 to  2.5 seconds at iso 1600  with flash under powered to register but not blow out the highlights. Light cyan/blue patches are from the overcast twilight sky. HueSat master +64. crop off bottom line of midtones and select 80 px lasso around the central amber streak of porch light in background and desaturate yellow some. dust n scratches radius 10 and threshold 10.  Then selections of sharpest row across the to pand diagonally of sharpest ones from lower left up to right throught the center and a couple more little selections added, then in curves anchor 1/4 and 3/4 but curve goes into handle bar mustache shape with wp -10 and last 80 percent toward dark is flattened abotu 10 %. Apply lens blur 20 radius and 34 threshold to entire frame to smooth noise.  whole frame desate -25. make large selection shaped like polar bear on all fours facing right, in curves open wp about 15 to right and mp open 12. 180 px selection center brightest blossoms and apply lens blur at 20 radius and 34 threshold. whole frame set bp 11. Original xml: Date: 5/6/13.Time: 8:37:29 PM.Latitude: .Longitude: .Model: NIKON D700.Serial #: 2404759.Firmware: Ver.1.02.Frame #: 6808.Lens (mm): 300.ISO: 6400.Aperture: 9.Shutter: 1/2.Exp. Comp.: +0.3.Flash Comp.: -2.3.Program: Manual.Focus Mode: AF-C.White Bal.: AUTO.ICC Profile: Adobe RGB (1998).Contrast: .Sharpening: .Quality: FINE.