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Following a taping of the Arsenial Hall show and an hour and a half long interview with the Los Angeles Times reporter Robert Hillburn who invented the Rock and Roll music beat, the press agent for the shy singer Tracy Chapman who knew the photographer had been set up in the hall outside the dressing room during that time, gave the photographer 60 seconds. When Mendenhall said, 'Your kidding," the agent started counting. It took until the count of 27 to walk to the lighting set up and in the 9 frames made with a Hasselblad and a Nikon combined, this was the only frame in which Ms. Chapman did not have her eyes closed from laughing at the photographer's plight. The photo manager for the LATimes was insulted that we would be handled in that matter, that the picture was intentionally never submitted for publication or the archive. Turns out that a previous assignment to make her portrait a couple of years earlier which only lasted for five minutes seemed like a luxery in comparison.