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Evan Ross Mendenhall gets a lift from his mother Deborah Jo Bruner Mendenhall in our Fullerton, CA home around 1990 (estimated) in a shoot for Focus on the Family of father's telling bedtime stories to their children which Deborah actually shot after it was set up. This was just for fun. The quilt on the wall was made by Debbie's Mama Cordellia Collier (married to Ross Collier -- Evan's name sake) of St. Charles, Va. The bed spread was crochetted by either Mama or Jim's Mother Lela Laverne (Paul/Mendenhall) Matheny of Indianapolis, IN. The bedspread was one of two exact copies of one another that our family had made for each of us independently. The only difference was that Lela ran out of pure white thread so part of her's was off white.  photo Jim Mendenhall