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The camera slipped on the window during this exposure as I was bracing the handheld exposure of 1/20 at f22 ISO 400. Just that little motion while the shutter was open ghosted the entire frame as the tree shifted in the frame. If you look closely you can see a slight movement in the main diagonally orientated limb. You may also notice the curved tracks of the snow as the camera shifted while the snow was blowing in a straight path. As soon as the snow stopped several crows appeared on trees distributed around the area. How unusual it seemed to see snow and crows in the same shooting session in my backyard.   These two frames seemed to occur as the sky brightened because I changed the ISO setting from 640 down to 400 at the same shutter and aperture setting. Looks like another gift to me that in this case was accidental. credit: Copyright 2012.Pittsburgh, PA March 4, 2012