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Scanned from small print.  Nanny (who is) Audrey Maxine Bruner of Detroit, MI, right, with her daughter (with Charles Brunner - both of St. Charles, VA) Deborah Jo Bruner Mendenhall, holding our son ERM -- Evan Ross Mendenhall (b. 1987 Ornage, CA -- named after Maxine's father Ross Collier -- who was instrumental in organizing the mining labor union by traveling through the mines at night to avoid being shot on the roads by 'company' men of St. Charles, VA). at our home on Revere in Fullerton, CA on mother's day about 1990. Photo by ERM's dad, Jim Alan Mendenhall (b 1955 Indianapolis<br />
There is a corresponding photo with Jim holding Evan who was not holding still so Jim held him upside down by the feet like a fish.  (No Evan was hurt in the making of these photographs) Love Dad.